CD Release Concert

Hey Fellas Fans!

It’s that time of year again for our fall [winter-ish] semester concert! This year we went with a theme that we think EVERYONE can enjoy: Spend The Night With The Fellas! That’s right, it’s a slumber party of a concert and you’re invited, but you’ll be doing anything but sleeping during this slumber party! We’ve got some brand new songs to throw your way and some brand new members making their concert debut. Mix those with your favorite oldies and us “oldie” members and you’ve got a concert experience that you won’t soon be forgetting. And of course, we’ve also invited our friends from UofM to the slumber party. The Dicks and Janes will be joining us for a night of pillow fights and games! And I guess there’s just not much more you could ask for…

BUT WAIT FOLKS! That title up there isn’t just sitting there to look pretty! NO, it’s making known that the rumors are 100% absoposilutely true; this concert also marks the release of our BRAND NEW CD! Accafellas Vol. VI has been 2+ years in the making and is the culmination of countless hours of work by 3 different groups of Fellas. We are extremely proud of all that work and present it here to you in a high fidelity audio experience that includes songs ranging across the entire spectrum of music. There are songs from well known Billboard artists as well as some from artists you may not know, but one thing we’ll promise you, is that you won’t be disappointed.

We’ve got a couple people to thank in all this:

-Daniel’s Mom: she’ll be “chaperoning” the party with milk and cookies at the intermission, so get ready for some deliciousness in your ears (from us), aaaand in your mouth (Mrs. Sherwood’s cookies)!   The Fellas love you!
-Ryan Wert: we have been lucky enough to have a place close to home where we have recorded our last two albums. Ryan’s professionalism, expertise and dedication to his craft have made this album possible.  (If you’re ever feeling like you need to lay down a couple tracks, check out his place–Elm Street Recording Studio–right here in Lansing, MI)

You can check out the event page on facebook here or by clicking the concert title or picture above.   And just so you can get a sneak preview, we’ve included some artwork at the bottom of this post!

P.S.  WEAR PAJAMAS!!!!  (But seriously…)