Well, it’s been a while, so it seems like it’s about that time to let you know what has happened recently in our lives!

Let’s start with the big ticket item:  SAM ZIKAKIS IS BACK!!!!

We are thrilled to have the young and devilishly handsome Samuel back with us!  He took off for a semester to do something that we didn’t really pay attention to when he told us…we were to busy trying to pick our jaws up off the floor and wipe the drool off our chins when he said he wanted to come back.  He’s undeniable, of course, so he’s here to finish out the year!

You can check out his page by clicking on the picture above and check out all our members’ pages here.


We  just got back from our annual winter trip to Traverse City for their College A Capella Night!!!  We were thrilled to have the lovely ladies of Tangled Up In Blue back for the second year in a row!  It seemed only appropriate since we just had to be together for our one year anniversary!  [It’s Facebook official people]

Here is a sneak preview of the grand concert event!

You can check out this video and more by clicking on the “Media” tab above then selecting “Video” or by clicking here!


We also recently had our Fall Semester Concert, entitled The Accafellas: Preparation For Hibernation

Here is just one song from the concert, and you can check out a whole bunch more at Samsky’s youtube page!

We know we’ve been distant for a while, but we were busy folks!  Holiday parties and getting all stuffed up for hibernation really make that clock spin faster!  But we will keep you updated more often, and we’ve got some news about a certain A Capella Competition that we are very excited to be a part of!

Keep it real Fellas fans!